Core Research Team - Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor

Prof. Jim Macnamara, Ph.D.

Jim Macnamara

Jim Macnamara is Professor of Public Communication at the University of Technology Sydney. He joined academia after a distinguished 30-year career working in professional communication practice spanning journalism, public relations, advertising and media research. He has extensively researched new media, measurement and evaluation, and organizational listening, and is the author of 16 books and more than 200 articles in academic, professional and industry journals. » Personal website and contact data

Prof. May O. Lwin, Ph.D.

May O. Lwin

May O. Lwin is Professor at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. She also serves as the Associate Dean (Special Projects) and is the Director of the University Scholars’ Program. She specializes in marketing / strategic communication and health communication. Prior to academics, she worked at Ogilvy & Mather Singapore. Dr. Lwin has won several awards and research grants from prestigious institutes and academic bodies, published in prestigious journals, and has also authored several books. » Personal website and contact data

Prof. Dr. Ana Adi

Ana Adi

Ana Adi is Professor of Public Relations/Corporate Communications at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences. She is a digital humanist who uses digital media data and tools as a pretext to examine the uses and challenges the new medium poses to public relations, political communication, CSR, corporate communication and activism. She has an international background in public relations and strategic communication having worked, learned and taught in the USA, UK, Belgium, Bahrain, Thailand and Romania. » Personal website and contact data

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass

Ansgar Zerfass

Ansgar Zerfass is Professor and Chair in Strategic Communication at the University of Leipzig, Germany, and Professor in Communication and Leadership at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo. He serves as Editor of the International Journal of Strategic Communication (Routledge, USA) and was President of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association, Brussels. He has published 34 books and more than 300 articles and study reports in several languages and coordinates all Communication Monitor projects across 80 countries since he initiated the first ECM survey across Europe 2007. » Personal website and contact data

Assistant researcher

Ronny Fechner M.A. works as a statistical consultant for the APCM. He graduated in communication science at the University of Leipzig, Germany, and has a track record of working for business and academia as a freelance communication researcher.